Friday, April 6, 2012

General Update

Its not possible to write in an article format and cover everything - instead there needs to a be a grabbag to list what's happening in the background:

  • Russian and Mongolian visas applied for and gotten
  • Arranged the sale of my bike to a friend - necessary but sad
  • Funds sorted - barring a crash of the Australian dollar I should have enough money to make it OS. 
  • Issue regarding the importation of motorbikes back to Australia at the conclusion of the trip considered. Namely bikes must have been owned for 12 months before eligible for personal-import to Australia. This does not cover pre-1989 bikes. Conversation needs to be had to account for either eventuality: 1. the consequences of driving 23+ year old bikes 10,000 km over bad roads or 2. trying to sell unregistered imported, bikes in Istanbul.
  • Means of accessing funds sorted - 28 degrees credit card. No currency conversion fees, no international transfer fees - you just pay the ATM fee ($2-4) when accessing Australian dollars in Armenia. Only issue that Iran has no Mastercard network.
  • Galaxy S2 bought - with Russian Maps app installed. Russian Maps have both topographical map and open street map views, which can be precached. I added a 32Gb microSD card meaning that I can save a great deal of navigation data without having to access the 3G network. Voice activation needs to be tested.
  • StarCom 1: Advanced bought. This should enable me to listen to phone calls, iPod, make voice notes, communicate over CB radio all through the one headset. Needs to be tested.
  • Immunization Shots taken (one more round required).
  • Method of powering all devices and keeping them in sight researched. Best method have all chords and devices encased in a tank bag, with transparent panel to view screens. This keeps everything simple - bag can be detached for security and is waterproof. Saves having to turn your handlebars into a work station from the stock exchange.
Still to do:
  • Chinese visa to be applied for and flights home to be bought this week.
  • Buy international simcard
  • Work out exact conditions of CDP in Germany.

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