Tuesday, November 15, 2011


A pen is the most fearless explorer and when I printed out half the world on an A4 sheet and got out my red felt-tip pen I had an inkling that my movements were at best a bit optimistic. It was in April 2010 that I drew a line that began in Pyongyang, moved through Beijing, up into Mongolia, back south through Nepal, then India. It continued effortlessly to Pakistan, Central Asia, Caucasus and then Ukraine where it met the map’s edge. The pen had no idea about mountain ranges or visa’s or even if there were roads. It was fuelled by a source that was both clean-burning and intoxicating. It was also completely unrealistic. It didn’t really stop M and I, both of us at work, communicating over Gmail from constructing completely elaborate and ridiculous itineraries. Who cared where the money was supposed to come from or about political situation in Kashmir, just make sure we go around Afghanistan because that place is nuts.

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