Wednesday, November 16, 2011

The Motorbike

The idea of taking this grand tour on a motorbike came the first time I saw a Enfield Bullet, the font of the Royal Enfield on the fuel tank that was shaped like a bicep, reminded me of English colonial graphic comics for boys. They always told heroic and ludicrous stories that appeals to the pre-rational male (ie boy). It promised me some sort of connection with this past that was far more invented than real but still seductive.

Enfield Bullets are still made according to the 1940s casts that the English left when they left India in 1945. I did find out that it was the done thing, almost to the point of cliche in the adventure biking world, to buy an Enfield Bullet and ride it around India. Why not buy one in India and ride it through Nepal? About a million reasons revolving around disputed regions, multiple entry visas, insurance, the seasons and time.

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